Omni Export Services has been in business in Miami for over 30 years, from its humble beginning in 1981 as Omni-Cargo, Inc. to the creation of Omni Poultry Export Services in 1993 when Carlos Alberty came onboard. Carlos has over 30 years experience as a Miami-based air freight forwarder and has specialized in the handling and shipping of perishable commodities, especially live poultry and poultry-related cargoes. With him he brought a staff of two forwarding clerks, Nellie Hernandez (now retired) and Sandra Munoz, each bringing with them 20+ years of experience in the air forwarding of live poultry as of 1993; Sandra now has nearly 40 years of experience exclusively shipping live poultry via air).

When Carlos, Nellie & Sandra arrived, Omni-Cargo had been in business for 12 years and our founder, Jeff Liroff was ably assisted by Flory Puga, who had been Nellie's & Sandra's supervisor for many years as head of the poultry division at Stair Cargo. Flory came onboard in 1990 and is one of our longest-lived employees and one of our most experienced in both ocean and air freight forwarding, with nearly 40 years of experience in the Miami freight forwarding industry. Collectively, the four of us represent almost 150 years of experience!

We have been TSA certified since 2004 and CCSP-certified facility since 2009 which is equipped with two drive-in coolers, emergency back-up power, Security Cameras & two company-owned cargo trucks that are specially equipped to transport live animals safely and in a temperature-controlled environment.

Carlos has been involved with the Air Cargo Committee of The U.S. Poultry Association of which it educates countless airlines and their employees in the proper handling of live poultry and fertilized eggs as well as other perishable commodities such as shrimp eggs and full-grown ostriches. He has conducted these educational seminars in Miami, Atlanta, JFK and in Europe and does so annually.

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